(Video) Infochimps + OpenStack

Back in April, we announced support for OpenStack and the Rackspace Cloud.

Our friends from Rackspace came to the office and made the following video where Nathanial Eliot and Dhruv Bansal discuss Infochimps’ experience with OpenStack and the Rackspace open cloud. Infochimps + OpenStack = terabytes of Big Data love.

Video Description from Rackspace: “Infochimps knows what it’s like to deal in big data; it’s the company’s specialty as a big data platform for the cloud. And one of its top requirements is flexibility. As Infochimps Operations Engineer Nathanial Eliot put it: no two jobs are alike – one may need thousands of servers, one may need two. Flexibility and scalability are two of the reasons Infochimps is excited about Rackspace Cloud Servers powered by OpenStack.”

Some amazing quotes from Dhruv Bansal:

  • “…as time goes on, inevitably open source always develops the power that we need; it’s easier to build an ecosystem and community over open tools.”
  • “…for us, as a vendor who has to operate on multiple clouds, we love OpenStack.”
  • “Rackspace’s fanatical support is truly fanatical …”

Video courtesy of Rackspace