Reinvention of Enterprise Analytics

Authors: Mark Lenke and Shawn Nelson

Breaking the Barriers of Time and Expense

There’s no doubt that companies have benefited tremendously from business intelligence (BI) applications. Enterprise business intelligence (EBI) has enabled companies to spot emerging trends, identify new markets, serve customers more effectively and improve operational efficiencies.

Recently though, EBI solutions have had a hard time adapting to the information explosion that companies have experienced. Attempting to stuff massive volumes of data into the structure required by traditional BI systems is inefficient, expensive and time consuming.

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What’s more, systems have become more complex and difficult to use, limiting the types of insights that can be generated in a reasonable time frame. Big data solutions, which can efficiently handle large volumes of data, can also require people with a specific and hard-to-find skill set in order to get results. Typically, business process experts feel shut out from advances because new systems are too hard to use.

As a result, many companies have avoided implementing more advanced BI or next-generation big data solutions because there is a perception — real or imagined — that they take too much time and are too hard to use to justify the expense involved in implementation.

But avoiding the change means that companies are missing out on opportunities to gain new insights that can radically transform their business. The next generation of BI systems, commonly referred to as big data, offers a huge leap forward in capabilities and features. Big data and analytics can help companies ask sophisticated, forward-looking questions that make new connections between seemingly unrelated trends. Big data and analytics can power new types of applications that provide real-time feedback, putting insights directly into the hands of people who can use that information.

This paper examines advances in big data infrastructure and applications that can help companies overcome the challenges associated with bringing these new systems to life.

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