Democratizing Big Data: We Get It

We’ve been there.

Maybe you’re an enterprise with huge data sets, competing in a saturated market like telecommunications, healthcare or financial services.

Or maybe you’re a startup that has lots of data but not the manpower to handle the data.

Or maybe you’re a retailer moving from multichannel to omnichannel, but you’re struggling to synthesize data from disparate sources, like legacy point-of-sale systems and Foursquare check-in data.

Or maybe you’re something else entirely, for whom the promise of Big Data seems like a pipe dream because:

  • The infrastructure hurdle is a towering one:
    • How do you acquire, store and manage all that data?
    • How do you integrate tools like Hadoop, Storm, Kafka, NoSQL, and others in ways that produce transformational insights for your business?
    • How do you plan a technology stack with the elasticity to scale for use cases known and unknown?
  • You’re understaffed for the project you’re considering, and you can’t afford to poach experts from Big Data pedigree houses like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • The clock is ticking. No one is giving you a year to go on a Big Data fishing expedition. You need quick initial results and even quicker iterations.

Ok, deep breaths. We get it. We’ve been there.

Infochimps’ growth from data marketplace to Platform as a Service (PaaS) makes us a highly evolved group of chimps: The kind who can take any kind of data, and do any kind of analytics with it, in any type of cloud. We’ve worked with every kind of database. We can produce batch, streaming and ad hoc analytics. And we can deploy from public, private and hybrid clouds.

And we do it quickly. While typical Big Data projects take over a year to yield results, we can have your first use case in production in 90 days, and complete subsequent projects in weeks.

Our approach to Big Data is built on Infochimps™ Cloud for Big Data: three essential cloud services that unleash the full analytic capabilities needed to solve any enterprise Big Data problem. Infochimps Cloud expedites and simplifies development and deployment of Big Data applications.

So if you’re late to the Big Data game or you’ve been beaten in it before, let’s talk. Infochimps can save your organization hardware and hiring costs, while accelerating results – enabling you to unlock insights that can transform your business.

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