Infochimps SXSW Panels: Voting Closes Tomorrow

sxswi 2014 Infochimps SXSW Panels: Voting Closes TomorrowCalling all supporters, calling all supporters, it’s that time of year again.

SXSW Panel Voting! Voting ends tomorrow, Friday, September 6, 2013 (11:59pmCST) – Please read the panel submissions below and vote for your Chimps.

Growing an Open-Source Project: Code to Community 

  • Speaker: Infochimps CTO Flip Kromer
  • Description: How do you grow an open source project from “It’s public and has a LICENSE file” to “Caught fire; people we’ve never met commit more code than we do”?
  • We’ll explore:
    • How do you promote awareness and word-of-mouth, and foster the early community?
    • How do you navigate and balance the twin goals of production stability and community-driven features?
    • How do you ensure code quality without discouraging involvement?
    • Of the values gained from open source – free velocity, hiring, credibility, reputation, and so forth – how much tangible value are you deriving and when does that return start exceeding investment?

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Managing Effective Documentation Effectively

  • Speaker: Infochimps Customer Support Engineer Rachel McCuistion
  • Description: Maintaining accurate, up-to-date, and effective documentation requires time, devoted content producer(s), and expertise. The essence of a company’s documentation should not hinder but accelerate the company’s focus and productivity. We’ll discuss the importance of creating effective documentation, how to maintain a healthy lifecycle for internal and external documentation, the common pitfalls that can lead to less effective documentation, answer the most common and difficult questions, and finally introduce an effective workflow for maintaining accurate and helpful documentation including the best tools have have been proven to increase efficiency and minimize downtime.

VOTE 300x71 Infochimps SXSW Panels: Voting Closes Tomorrow

Inbound Marketing for the Lean Startup

  • Speakers:
  • Description: Lean methodology has provided a great framework for validating your business assumptions and model — by leveraging an Inbound Marketing model with Lean, you can benchmark against your hypotheses while also growing your business in real, measurable ways. Proven lean startup veterans will teach you how to set up an inbound marketing engine and use the engine to test, validate, and grow your business using Lean tools and approaches. With over a decade of experience, we will share best practices, lessons learned, and pitfalls to lookout for. This workshop will be four hours long.

VOTE 300x71 Infochimps SXSW Panels: Voting Closes Tomorrow

Thank you for all your support and we hope to talk Big Data with you at SXSW.

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