Infochimps, a CSC Company = Big Data Made Better

Post by Jim Kaskade, CEO

What’s a $15B powerhouse in information technology (IT) and professional services doing with an open source-based Big Data startup?


It starts with “Generation-OS”. We’re not talking about Gen-Y or Gen-Z. We’re talking Generation ‘Open Source’. announcement 240x240 Infochimps, a CSC Company = Big Data Made Better

Massive disruption is occurring in information technology as businesses are building upon and around recent advances in analytics, cloud computing and storage, and an omni-channel experience across all connected devices. However, traditional paradigms in software development are not supporting the accelerating rate of change in mobile, web, and social experiences. This is where open source is fueling the most disruptive period in information technology since the move from the mainframe to client-server: Generation Open Source.

Infochimps = Open Standards based Big Data

Infochimps delivers Big Data systems with unprecedented speed, scale and flexibility to enterprise companies.  (And when we say “enterprise companies,” we mean the Global 2000 – a market in which CSC has proven their success.) By joining forces with CSC, we together will deliver one of the most powerful analytic platforms to the enterprise in an unprecedented amount of time.

At the core of Infochimps’ DNA is our unique, open source-based Big Data and cloud expertise. Infochimps was founded by data scientists, cloud computing, and open source experts, who have built three critical analytic services required by virtually all next-generation enterprise applications: real-time data processing and analytics, batch analytics, and ad hoc analytics – all for actionable insights, and all powered by open-standards.

CSC = IT Delivery and Professional Services

When CSC begins to insert the Infochimps DNA into its global staff of 90,000 employees, focused on bringing Big Data to a broad enterprise customer base, powerful things are bound to happen. Infochimps Inc., with offices in both Austin, TX and Silicon Valley, becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary, reporting into CSC’s Big Data and Analytics business unit led by Sashi Reddi, VP and GM.

The Infochimps’ Big Data team and culture will remain intact, as CSC leverages our bold, nimble approach as a force multiplier in driving new client experiences and thought leadership. Infochimps will remain under its existing leadership, with a focus on continuous and collaborative innovation across CSC offerings.

I regularly coach F2K executives on the important topic of “splicing Big Data DNA” into their organizations. We now have the opportunity to practice what we’ve been preaching, by splicing the Infochimps DNA into the CSC organization, acting as a change agent, and ultimately accelerating CSC’s development of its data services platform.

Infochimps + CSC = Big Data Made Better

I laugh many times when we’re knocking on the doors of Fortune 100 CEOs.

“There’s a ‘monkey company’ at the door.”

The Big Data industry seems to be built on animal-based brands like the Hadoop Elephant. So I keep running with the animal theme, by asking C-levels the following question when they inquire about how to create their own Big Data expertise internally:

“If you want to create a creature that can breathe underwater and fly, would it be more feasible to insert the genes for gills into a seagull, or splice the genes for wings into a herring?”

In other words, do you insert Big Data DNA into the business savvy with simplified Big Data tools, or insert business DNA into your Big Data-savvy IT organization? In the case of CSC and Infochimps, I doubt that Mike Lawrie, CSC CEO, wants to be associated with either a seagull or a herring, but I do know he and his senior team are executing on a key strategy to become the thought leader in next-generation technology, starting with Big Data and cloud.

Regardless of your preference for animals (chimpanzees, elephants, birds, or fish), the CSC and Infochimps combination speaks very well to CSC’s strategy for future growth with Big Data, cloud, and open source. At Infochimps, we look forward to leveraging CSC’s enterprise client base, industrialized sales and marketing, solutions development and production resources to scale our value proposition in the marketplace.

“Infochimps, a CSC company, is at the door.”

Jim Kaskade


Infochimps, a CSC Company






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  18. Carsten Andersen August 7, 2013 at 2:48 am

    As part of CSC’s Mobility & Social group I’m very excited about the possibilities and added value infochimps will bring to the table! Welcome aboard guys!

    – Just a small clarification, CSC has more that 90.000 people (last number I heard was still +95.000), so 90,00 seems a bit understated ;-)