Ironfan Takes Chef to the Next Level

Using Ironfan with Chef

Ironfan Ironfan Takes Chef to the Next Level Think like a system diagram, not your package installer.
Ironfan builds on Chef’s robust systems integration framework with enhanced tools, powerful abstractions, and built-in best practices.

  • Ironfan automates not only machine configuration, but entire clusters — allowing you to quickly describe your entire data system, including tools for storage, computation, data ingestion, scraping, monitoring, and logging.
  • Ironfan’s enhanced automatic integration ability means the entire stack auto wires itself together, making bringing systems to life feel like waving a magic wand.
  • Ironfan doesn’t just make it easy for initial deployment. It enables powerfully fast changes to configuration, addition of new components, and orchestration of elastic resources that can be spun up and down as needed.

Build an entire Hadoop cluster from scratch in less than an hour with just a handful of code lines, and deploy it in minutes with a single command.

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