3 Tiers: What Infochimps and Netflix Have in Common

Infochimps Cloud 300x150 3 Tiers: What Infochimps and Netflix Have in CommonA recent article on Gigaom, “3 shades of latency: How Netflix built a data architecture around timeliness”, shines some light on how the best-in-class architecture for Big Data has 3 different levels, separated by the dimension of “timeliness”.

“Netflix knows that processing and serving up lots of data — some to customers, some for use on the backend — doesn’t have to happen either right away or never. It’s more like a gray area, and Netflix detailed the uses for three shades of gray — online, offline and nearline processing.”

Just as Netflix defined their “three shades of gray”, Infochimps defined the three shades through our three cloud services: Cloud::Streams (real-time processing / online), Cloud::Queries (near real-time processing / nearline), and Cloud::Hadoop (batch processing /offline). By satisfying all aspects along the time dimension, companies unlock the ability to handle virtually any use case. Collect data in real-time, or import it in batch. Process data and generate insights as it flows, or do it in large-scale historical jobs. Choose your Big Data analysis adventure by mixing and matching approaches.

The article highlights how this approach “is fairly common among web companies that understand that different applications can tolerate different latencies”. Just as LinkedIn and Facebook were mentioned sharing the same general theory, working with Infochimps will provide you the benefits from a similar architecture; delivering the superior “3 tier approach” to Big Data.

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