There’s an app for that: Visualizing the Internet

“There’s an app for that.”

We’ve heard it many times, the spoken certainty that the necessities of the world are satisfied by an app.

We love cool apps as much as anyone, so FlowingData caught our attention again with this blog post: “App shows what the Internet looks like

Visualizing the Internet Theres an app for that: Visualizing the Internet

“In a collaboration between PEER 1 Hosting, Steamclock Software, and Jeff Johnston, the Map of the Internet app provides a picture of what the physical Internet looks like. Users can view Internet service providers (ISPs), Internet exchange points, universities and other organizations through two view options — Globe and Network. The app also allows users to generate a trace route between where they are located to a destination node, search for where popular companies and domains are, as well as identify their current location on the map.”

Now that’s a cool app.

Read more details here >> and download the app for free on iTunes.

Thank you FlowingData for providing interesting posts for us data nerds.

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