ZDNet Article Asks The Same Question: Why Wouldn’t You?

Toby Wolpe, senior reporter at ZDNet, recently wrote an article entitled “Big data: Why most businesses just don’t get it” highlighting findings from Gartner vice president and analyst Debra Logan.

Her  quote caught our eye about how acquiring big-data services from a third party could make sense:

  • “If it is cheap, if big data turns out to be something you can get from someone else, you can rent the infrastructure, you can ship a bunch of your data and you can just see what happens, then why not? Why wouldn’t you do that?”

Chimpmark ZDNet Article Asks The Same Question: Why Wouldnt You? Why wouldn’t you do that? Why wouldn’t you want to benefit from the fastest way to develop and deploy Big Data environments with Infochimps?

Wolpe also states, “one of the main barriers to asking the right questions of big data is a lack of expertise and a shortage of data scientists”. The Infochimps team is made of data scientists and cloud computing experts, available to help you effectively leverage Big Data, resulting in better data-driven decisions.

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