[Webinar] Ironfan: A Community Discussion

Ironfan [Webinar] Ironfan: A Community Discussion Traditionally, systems configuration involves a time-consuming process that is vulnerable to human error. Infochimps leverages the power and simplicity of Ironfan as its provisioning and deployment layer, allowing end-users to easily launch and orchestrate repeatable infrastructure. If you’re interested in digging deeper into the details of Ironfan, take advantage of:

Ironfan: A Community Discussion Thursday, January 31 @ 10a P, 12p C, 1p E

Join Nathaniel Eliot, DevOps Engineer and lead on Ironfan, in this community discussion. Ironfan is a lightweight cluster orchestration toolset, built on top of Chef, which empowers spinning up of Hadoop clusters in under 20 minutes. Nathan has been responsible for Ironfan’s core plugin code, cookbooks, and other components to stabilize both Infochimps’ open source offerings, and internal architectures.

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