Infochimps CTO Named Top 100 Contributors to GitHub 2012

Github Infochimps CTO Named Top 100 Contributors to GitHub 2012Flip Kromer, Infochimps Founder and CTO, also known as MrFlip, was named by GitHub as one of the Top 100 Contributors in 2012. Flip made over 2,300 contributions to the global, open source developer community.

And he’s in good company. Also on the list are: Linus Torvals of Linux, Erik Michaels-Ober, and Dr. Nic Williams.

In addition to being a prolific code contributor and one of the nations’ leading data scientists, Flip is the author of Big Data for Chimps, A Guide to Massive Scale Data Processing, published by O’Reilly, and available for pre-order now.

About GitHub: Github, a Forbes’ Top Tech Company of 2012¬†and the largest code host in the world, was founded in 2008 and is leading enterprises to adopt open source technology. Github, known for social coding, was founded as a place for developers to code together, as teams and individuals.

About Infochimps: The Infochimps Platform for Big Data combines leading data technologies with managed cloud services, a strong partner network to empower customers with unprecedented speed, scale and flexibility in their Big Data initiatives. Infochimps is a privately held, venture-backed company with offices in Austin, TX and the Silicon Valley. Follow @infochimps on Twitter.

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