A Sneak Peek: Big Data for Chimps

  • Amanda McGuckin Hager

Big Data for Chimps 228x300 A Sneak Peek: Big Data for ChimpsYou may know leading data scientist, Flip Kromer, Infochimps co-founder and CTO. If you don’t, you soon will. O’Reilly is publishing his book “Big Data for Chimps, A Guide to Massive Scale Data Processing in Practice available for pre-order now. “Big Data for Chimps” is poised to bring an educational spin to those in the big data space that is unlike anything you may have read before. While beginners stand to gain quite a bit from reading the book, the book also appeals those experienced in modern programming techniques. Flip’s approach to technology builds the foundation throughout – using data at massive scale in very practical ways. That is, big data is about the data, and gaining value from it, not about the technologies.

Big Data for Chimps” will help you:

  • Discover how to think at scale by understanding how data must flow through the cluster to effect transformations
  • Identify the Big Data Infrastructure tuning knobs that matter
  • Learn the Big Data rules-of-thumb
  • Apply Hadoop to interesting problems through detailed example programs
  • Gain advice and best practices for efficient software development

You will be captivated and engaged through Flip’s creative use of examples, analogies and stories. When you read the book, you’ll experience: “Where is BBQ?,” “Pig Latin Translator,” “Patterns in UFO Sitings,” “Elephant and Chimpanzee Start a Business,” and more.

The chapter “Elephant and Chimpanzee Save Christmas” is especially commanding of your attention. Watch for it in January, as we’ll be releasing some chapters leading up to the publication.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Infochimps.  As our gift to you, here’s a little sneak peek at what’s in store, called “The Hadoop Haiku:”

data flutters by
elephants make sturdy piles
insight shuffles forth

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