[Infographic] Taming Big Data from Wikibon

Opening with a Big Data market forecast, to ending with a shout-out for all industries to embrace Big Data as the definitive source of competitive advantage, the following infographic from Wikibon personifies Big Data as a beast (data volumes are growing exponentially) that can be tamed (thanks to new approaches for processing, storing and analyzing).  It includes real-world Big Data use cases, which I appreciated. I was most amazed by how “decoding the human genome used to take ten years, but can now be done in 7 days.”

The quote from Kevin Weil, the Director of Product for Revenue at Twitter brings the benefit of valuable Big Data insights home: “It’s no longer hard to find the answer to a given question; the hard part is finding the right question and as questions evolve, we gain better insight into our ecosystem and our business.”

Scroll down, geek out on the infographic, and if you want more, check out an oldie but goodie article:  6 Illuminating Big Data Infographics

Taming Big Data [Infographic] Taming Big Data from Wikibon

Did you notice the chimp within the Big Data forecast?

Thank you Wikibon for posting this!

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