Live Webcast: Making Sense of Big Data

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Title:Making Sense of Big Data: An Infochimps Thought Leadership Webinar
Date: Thursday, October 11, 2012
Time: 10a Pacific/12p Central/1p Eastern

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Big data is likely the most hyped term in tech of the past two years; however, amidst all the hype, we may have actually missed the point of having all of this data in the first place: to generate more value for businesses. Importantly, it’s this gap between hype and value that speaks to why we need to define how to leverage big data technology in the enterprise.

Register for this live webcast and listen to big data expert and Infochimps CEO, Jim Kaskade, explain where to start and how to effectively manage, protect and leverage the growing amounts of data in your enterprise. In addition, you will hear engaging discussion about:

  • How to become a data-driven data organization
  • Best practices – from business problem definition to ROI
  • Compelling use cases for business transformation
  • How to develop data-centric applications – using Infochimps Big Data PaaS

Join the webcast here. Looking forward to seeing you Thursday, October 11th!