Big Data Discussions at Big Data Innovation Summit

big data innovation Big Data Discussions at Big Data Innovation Summit

Imagine the largest gathering of Fortune 500 business executives leading Big Data initiatives. That’s IE Group’s Big Data Innovation Summit, a conference happening September 13-14 in Boston.

This summit brings together industry leaders and innovators specializing in Data Science and Online Intelligence. It is a unique opportunity to share insights and opinions through interaction and open discussion, providing a thorough understanding of how data can be used to enhance company performance and increase customer insight.

If you haven’t registered yet, register online and join us for our panel discussion:
Getting started with Big Data Platforms: Social Media and Web Analytics
Friday, Sept 14 11:00a – 12pm | Martha’s Vineyard Room, Main Lobby, Hyatt Regency

Every company should have the opportunity to leverage social media and web analytics to make data driven decisions which drive the business forward. However, many companies lack the technical experience, talent, and budget to execute on a big data roadmap… until now.

Join Derrick Harris (GigaOm), Jonathan Harris (Infomart), Daniel Eklund (ThinkBig Analytics), and Dhruv Bansal (Infochimps) on this panel, moderated by Joseph Kelly (Infochimps), as we address:

  • How to build a Big Data competency without talent and huge budgets
  • Why social media and web analytics represent the first, most impactful use cases
  • How to scale Big Data across your organization

Want to know more about the panel? Here are some short bios to spruce up your interest:

Derrick Harris is the Cloud Editor and Senior Writer at GigaOm. Derrick has been covering the on-demand computing space since 2003, when he started with the seminal grid computing publication GRIDtoday. He led the publication through the evolution from grid to virtualization to cloud computing, ultimately spearheading the rebranding of GRIDtoday into On-Demand Enterprise.

Jonathan Harris is the Managing Director for Infomart, and the VP of Business Development for National Post. Infomart is Canada’s leading media intelligence agency with more than 25 years of experience delivering media monitoring and research solutions to Canada’s best-informed institutions. Infomart monitors print, social media platforms, radio, television and online news, to offer intelligence needed to optimize media strategies. They help companies, agencies and organizations drive results by providing fast, relevant and accurate media monitoring, research and reporting solutions.

Daniel Eklund is a software architect and technologist with over 15 years of experience in enterprise software development. As a lead consultant for ThinkBig Analytics, Daniel works with leading Fortune 500 customers to implement Big Data systems and next-generation NoSQL storage systems, using Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Cascading, and HBase to provide next-generation analytics and data warehousing solutions.

If you’re not intrigued yet, hopefully our Infochimps Joseph Kelly and Dhruv Bansal can perk your interest:

Joseph Kelly is co-founder and COO of Infochimps. He is an experienced serial entrepreneur having started ventures ranging from a distributor business for Chinese goods to an adventure travel company. In addition to his longstanding entrepreneurial background, Joseph spent three years sailing in the Caribbean, an experience to which he credits a majority of his entrepreneurial knowledge.

Dhruv Bansal is the Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder of Infochimps and was driven to programming and data analysis through his research. Working with data directly helped him understand how difficult data can be to find, to ingest, to visualize, to reason with, and to learn from. Solving these problems was the rationale behind starting Infochimps. He holds a B.A. in Math and Physics from Columbia University in New York and attended graduate school in Physics at the University of Texas at Austin.

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