$100m vs. $600m: Open-Source Big Data vs. Proprietary Databases

Money Laptop1 $100m vs. $600m: Open Source Big Data vs. Proprietary Databases

I recently read this ZDNet article, which I thought was an awesome comparison between open-source Big Data vendors such as Infochimps and Cloudera, and proprietary database vendors like Oracle.

The case study: the cost of operating the YouTube stack. Given YouTube’s technical requirements, what would it cost to operate YouTube’s infrastructure on Oracle instead of using open-source tools?

“In a nutshell, the Oracle Exadata capital expenses for hardware and software total $589.4 million compared to an open source and commodity hardware cost of $104.2 million.”

The following chart shows the numbers breakdown:

Big Data Provisioning System1 $100m vs. $600m: Open Source Big Data vs. Proprietary DatabasesOpen-source software is free. That’s the huge difference. Even if you added another several million dollars for open-source Big Data software support, you’d still come in at less than a quarter of the proprietary database cost.

As companies get more comfortable with trusting open-source tools, the economic value is undeniable. Add the benefits of getting direct access to the code, a huge open-source community, and an unlimited supply of examples and documentation… open-source is fast becoming a no-brainer. It’s only a matter of time where many proprietary strongholds such as BI, BPM, and Data Warehousing are supplanted by open-source Big Data platforms and applications.

What will continue to push open-source adoption and proliferation? (1) Making it easier to gain expertise in using those technologies, or just making them easier to use in the first place, (2) vendors can implement those technologies quickly and efficiently to keep costs down, and (3) high quality open-source vendor support services to offer peace of mind.

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ZDNet Article courtesy of Larry Dignan
Money and Laptop image courtesy of BigStock