Information. Insight. Instantly: Check Out The Latest Version Of Our Big Data Platform!

An old 1978 ad slogan from Scrubbing Bubbles stated that, “We work hard so you don’t have to” – essentially promising customers that they would take care of the “dirty work” and let the customer reap the benefit of the clean, finished product.

The same holds true today here at Infochimps. Our mission is to do the heavy lifting and seamlessly handle your big data implementations –removing the requirement for expensive integration or specialists–allowing you to focus on generating insights from data, not managing Big Data infrastructure. We provide you the insights you need to make data-driven decisions, speed your application development, and, ultimately, improve your operational efficiencies and time to market.

We are proud to announce today the latest version of our Big Data Platform, a managed, fully optimized and hosted service for deploying Big Data environments and apps in the cloud, on-demand.

Key new features include:

New Data Delivery Service

  • Based on the open source Apache Flume project
  • Integrates with your existing data environment and data sources with a combination of out-of-the-box and custom connectors
  • High scalability and optimization of distributed ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, able to handle many terabytes of data per day
  • Both distributed real-time analysis and distributed Hadoop batch analysis

Real-time, Data Streaming Framework

  • You can use familiar programming languages such as Ruby to vastly simplify performing real-time analytics and stream processing, all within the Infochimps Data Delivery Service
  • Extends Infochimps’ Wukong open source project, which lets developers use Ruby micro-scripts to perform Hadoop batch processing

We’ve bundled together everything you need to install the platform, making it faster than ever to get a big data project off the ground — a configured solution can be deployed in just a few hours.

The Infochimps Platform is capable of executing on hundreds of data sources and many terabytes of data throughput, delivering scalability to any type and quantity of database, file system or analytic system.

Check out our other new features in today’s press release.

Also, read GigaOm’s take on our news here.

blog platform demo v21 Information. Insight. Instantly: Check Out The Latest Version Of Our Big Data Platform!