You Don’t Have to Be Sixteen…

Actually, you do have to turn sixteen within the year of competition in order to be eligible to compete for the Olympics; however, the general perception of all Olympians being teenagers largely comes from the popular sport of women’s gymnastics, which in the past three Olympic Games has had no competitors over the age of 26.  However, the mid-twenties are a prime age group for Olympic competition.  In fact, most medalists (and gold medalists) are in their twenties.

Check out this cool interactive chart from the Washington Post and see which Olympic sports you may be most competitive in at your age.

averageage You Dont Have to Be Sixteen...

And here’s some notable Olympians who have hit their peak later in life:

Dara Torres, who  at 41,  is the oldest swimmer to ever earn a place on the US Olympic team (2008 Summer Olympics).  She’s a mom of one, who at 40 beat her own American record for the 50-meter freestyle (she originally set the record when she was 15).

John Dane III, owner of Trinity Yachts, the country’s largest mega-yacht builder earned a spot on the 2008 US Olympic sailing team at age 58.  He had been trying out for the Olympics since he was 18 and achieved his dream after 40 years!

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