Announcing Dashpot, our Analytics & Operations Dashboard for the Infochimps Platform

Infochimps is happy to announce Dashpot, an easy-to-use analytics and operations dashboard that provides business metrics and visualization, cluster management capabilities, and system monitoring on top of the Infochimps Platform. Dashpot gives you real time visibility and control of your Big Data stack running with Infochimps, helping you go from input to insight faster, with our best-in-class Big Data infrastructure and tools.

Here are some of Dashpot’s key features:

  • Business Metrics – Dashpot’s in-stream visualization provides business users with the ability to capture and visualize business metrics on the fly as data is being ingested into their Infochimps Platform. By enabling data to be decorated in-stream through our Flume-based Data Delivery Service, Infochimps enables quick introspection on how a data or business process is performing. Organizations can view spikes or drops in key system or business metrics in near real-time, enabling quicker response to changing business conditions, saving time and helping ensure higher quality and more valuable information in the organization’s ultimate datastore. Infochimps business metrics are designed to provide an intermediate data visualization capability in conjunction with an organization’s existing investments in traditional business intelligence solutions.
  • Cluster Management – Built on the power of Ironfan, Dashpot offers simple Big Data system automation and management with a quick glance view into the servers and clusters currently running. Operations users can easily spin them up and down with a simple button click as their processing needs change, creating significant, easy-to-attain cost savings in machine usage.
  • Systems Monitoring – Dashpot provides integration with popular monitoring packages to provide users with at-a-glance views on Big Data system performance, availability, system integrity and more. Designed to easily integrate with any monitoring product, Infochimps has implemented the popular open source product, Zabbix as its initial reference monitoring solution, integrating Zabbix graphs on system performance and availability in the Infochimps Dashpot dashboard.

Implementing and operating Big Data architectures can be difficult, requiring significant investment of resources and time. By choosing to use the Infochimps Platform, enterprises needn’t worry about the time and hassle of building and maintaining their own infrastructure. When combined with our tools, such as Ironfan and DDS, Dashpot’s simple visualizations and management tools help organizations keep their Big Data system humming, with little operational overhead. Best of all, Dashpot’s in-stream visualizations help provide the insights businesses need to get the most value out of their Big Data infrastructure investment.

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