How to Build a Hadoop Cluster in 20 Minutes

If you’ve ever tried your hand at manually provisioning, configuring and deploying a Hadoop cluster, you know that it can take days or weeks to create a fully functional system. With tools like Chef, this time can be cut down to a matter of hours or days (depending on the size of the cluster). In this video, Dhruv Bansal, Chief Science Officer of Infochimps, builds a Hadoop cluster in 20 minutes with Ironfan.

Ironfan is the foundation for your Big Data stack, making provisioning and configuring your Big Data infrastructure simple. Spin up clusters when you need them, kill them when you don’t, so you can spend your time, money, and engineering focus on finding insights, not getting your machines ready. To learn more about how Ironfan enables The Infochimps Platform, check out our white paper.

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