The Rise and Fall of the Fortune 500

Ben Fry of Fathom Information Design put together this elegant  interactive visualization of publicly available Wikipedia data around the Fortune 500, America’s largest corporation.  His intent was to show how 84,000 data points could be easily viewed and navigated in one interactive piece.  We think he did an amazing job using the clean, simple display to tell rich stories of company histories and the rise and fall of our country’s top corporations.

One company that stands out in our minds is Eastman Kodak, who enjoyed growing revenues and steady profitability for decades.  Then, in 1990, Logitech came out with the Dycam Model 1 black-and-white digicam, the world’s first completely digital consumer camera and the following decades only saw the further proliferation and now dominance of this technology.  Kodak never quite stayed with the trend and this lead to their falters and declaration of bankruptcy just a few weeks ago.

f500 kodak rev The Rise and Fall of the Fortune 500

f500 kodak The Rise and Fall of the Fortune 500

Fry’s interactive visualization is chock full of other amazing stories and insights.  We highly recommend checking it out.  Want to make something awesome with Wikipedia data?  We’ve got an API for that.

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