How long does it take for a cockroach to die?

onehourpersecond How long does it take for a cockroach to die?

Earlier this week, YouTube revealed that users are uploading one hour of video every second to the site.  It’s quite the amazing milestone, not only speaking to YouTube’s massive success, but also the mind-boggling rate at which we are producing data.  Furthermore, it was revealed that the average YouTube visitor spends an average of 15 minutes a day on the site, accounting for a total of 4 billion video views per day.

It can be overwhelming for most to understand the sheer size of these numbers, so to help put things into perspective, YouTube has created One Hour Per Second.  You’ll see some interesting comparisons, such as the one above, which shows that 3 minutes and 36 seconds of uploads to YouTube is equal to 9 days or the time it takes for a decapitated cockroach to die.  Yikes.

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