Economic Outlook: Mostly Typical

economicoutlook Economic Outlook: Mostly TypicalUsing major macroeconomic indicators, Russell Investments has created a dashboard to capture a snapshot of the state of our economy.  It’s updated on the 22nd of each month with data from Bloomberg.

You can click through the “Historical Details” links to read more about each indicator and its see its changes over time.  Check out the legend below for complete details on how to read the chart.

economicoutlookkey Economic Outlook: Mostly Typical

So, what does this dashboard tell us about the current state of our economy?  For starters, we are growing at a modest 1.8%.  As you can see from the chart, most indicators are well within “typical” range and even mortgage delinquencies and corporate debt are slowly coming down.  I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for updates to this slick little dashboard.