Are You OPEN to the New Anti-Piracy Bill?

bill comparison Are You OPEN to the New Anti Piracy Bill?

Two days after the Internet Blackout that saw supporters of SOPA and PIPA changing their minds, a new bill was introduced into the House of Representatives by Rep. Darrell Issa of California. Issa was one of the most vocal critics of SOPA and PIPA and his proposed bill, known as the OPEN Act (Online Protection & ENforcement of Digital Trade Act) offers a more laser-focused solution to online piracy by foreign rogue sites.

What is most impressive about this new bill is the approach taken by Issa and the clearly superior understanding he has of the web than many SOPA supporters. Issa’s office has set up a website, Keep the Web Open that offers numerous resources for understanding the bill, as well a new tool called “Madison”, which allows users to read, share, edit and comment on the text of the bill. A politician who adds transparency to the conversation and listens to the nerds? ┬áThat sounds pretty sweet to us.

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