Program or Be Programmed

In most of the country, high unemployment rates continue to plague individual’s lives and the overall health of our economy.  Average length of unemployment throughout 2011 rose, leaving the typical unemployed person out of work for an average of 40 weeks.  Obviously, there’s a need for an immediate and effective solution.

However, walk into any tech conference, startup job fair or Big Data meetup and it becomes readily apparent that there are jobs out there, but there aren’t enough people with the right skills.  With their ingenious and well-timed project, Code Year, Codecademy aims to teach technical skills to the masses via interactive programming lessons emailed weekly.  The promise is that participants will be up and programming within the year.

We suspect most folks reading this blog have some serious technical chops, but if you aren’t amongst the Rubyists and PHP-junkies, this is a great way for you to get started.  And if you’ve got the skills, we suggest you share with your friends.

It’ll be interesting to track the success of this project (how many people will actually learn to code by the end of 2012?) and see if a similar model can be applied to other job skills.

 Program or Be Programmed




  1. Jose January 5, 2012 at 6:01 pm

    Well it’s fine who many people be interested in learn to programming languages, but we are forgetting that previously to new gold fever i mean dot com crash, in the begining new millenium. We belived that we could order pizza and groceries by internet and the market was more stable and reliable 10 years after. Now change your mind with your new smartphone and gurus said suddenly all traffic coming by mobile phones, thats not true only happen in the movies and we dont believe any more in false expectations.. What would be happen if internet would disappear or mobile phones networks collapse ? High dependency in digital gadgets will be our perdition.. thats my opinion