Fantasy Football Picks: Finding Wisdom in the Crowd

football verdict logo Fantasy Football Picks: Finding Wisdom in the Crowd

On any given weekend when you’re hanging out with your friends watching a game, it’s inevitable that everyone will pipe up with their opinions and none are more vocal than those of us in the fantasy community.  But whose opinion can you trust and which one will lead you to a winning roster?  Professional football, much like baseball, is a heavily tracked sport with tons of stats on every player and every game.  So, sure, you can wade through a bunch of player stats or look to expert rankings, but wouldn’t it be more fun to pit your own football knowledge against the rest of the community?

Football Verdict is a new fantasy football advice platform where managers can ask weekly sit-or-start questions and get advice from the fantasy community. Football Verdict aims to provide personalized fantasy advice by giving you feedback on your specific dilemma. To encourage answers and engage users, we evaluate every answer submitted to the site and rank each user on our leaderboard based on their accuracy. Rather than purely focusing on player stats, we look to measures that gives us a better chance at the right prediction, fueled by a strong, passionate community.

Reviewing our data, in Week 8, fantasy football players most often asked about Bernard Scott, Antonio Brown, Roy Helu, and Jackie Battle. In Week 8, many high-powered offenses had bye weeks and there were a lot of injuries. Thus, fantasy owners asked many questions about fringe players.

What a difference a week makes.

In Week 9, there’s a boldface name sitting at the top: Chris Johnson. Just over halfway through the season, and the fantasy player most often in question is the same player who went #2 in most drafts this year.

Week 9’s Most Frequently Questions Players (with position, team and percentage of Verdict questions appearing)

1. Chris Johnson (RB, TEN, 14%)
Fantasy owners seek justification to bench their first round pick

2. Mike Williams (WR, TB, 12%)
Josh Freeman’s numbers are down all season

3. Brandon Lloyd (WR, STL, 8%)
Lloyd shows early promise in St. Louis, but instability at quarterback leaves players clueless

4. Stevie Johnson (WR, BUF, 8%)
Stranded on Revis Island

5. DeMarco Murray (RB, DAL, 8%)
Does Felix Jones’ return spell a committee in Dallas?

With four teams on byes this week (Detroit, Minnesota, Carolina, Jacksonville), and fewer than 6 viable fantasy players on those rosters, Football Verdict is seeing a glut of questions at the skill positions this week:

Wide Receivers: 32%
Trending: Mike Williams, Brandon Lloyd, Stevie Johnson

WR/RB Flex: 24%

Quarterbacks: 18%
Trending: Matt Cassel, Josh Freeman

Running Backs: 16%
Trending: Chris Johnson, DeMarco Murray, Cedric Benson

If you’re struggling with a fantasy football decision, ask your question at Football Verdict and the community will help you decide. If you think you’re great at predicting results, answer questions and you’ll see your name in lights on the leaderboard. If you have any questions, please email

Dan Chaparian is the co-founder of Football Verdict.

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