A Marketer Learns How to Program

Okay, I have a confession to make. Though I’ve helped write example queries, created wireframes for webpages and heck, even toyed around with our API Explorer, I’ve never written a single line of code. Not terribly surprising for a marketer; however, after hanging out with the chimps for the past six months, I felt like it was finally about time to learn something. But where to start? Would I really have the time to commit to a regular weekly class? Could I make myself curl up with an O’Reilly book on PHP or Ruby with other more pressing projects looming? Clearly, the only way I could make this a priority is for it to be fun!

codecademy A Marketer Learns How to Program

Meet Codecademy, which I’ve been nerding out on all morning.  In fact, in the last hour, I’ve learned how to define variables and starting working with strings, substrings, arrays and if/else.  The best part of the whole thing?  It’s been absolutely delightful.  Much of this comes from the amazingly simple layout, which takes students through progressive lessons on the basics of programming and JavaScript in a command line setting.  The initial concepts are easy to grok and they build beautifully on each other, until suddenly, whoa – did I just define variables, prompt a user for input and create different returns based on user input?

While, this might not sound like much to the hardcore programmers out there, for a marketer who had never written a lick of code in her life as of an hour ago, Codecademy is a pretty rad resource.  Share it with your programming-novice friends and see what they think.  Or, contribute to their lesson plans and get more folks coding!