Four Maps of Occupy Wall Street’s Global Impact

timesqm Four Maps of Occupy Wall Streets Global Impact

One month and one day after the first group of protesters gathered in Zuccotti Park, Occupy Wall Street has become an international phenomenon. ¬†How much of an international phenomenon? ¬†There’s many ways to measure it and some intrepid data journalists have put together maps showcasing worldwide news articles, tweets, YouTube videos, Flickr photos, and Facebook pages dedicated to the cause.

Worldwide Press

Created by the folks at Mother Jones, this map displays more than 215 locations (as of 10/15) of Occupy gatherings and arrests. Click on each dot to get detailed information from the original news articles about the events.

#Occupy Tweets

ows map 2 image Four Maps of Occupy Wall Streets Global Impact

Cravify, a service similar to Craigslist that lays out its data in an interactive map, created a special bonus tab on their page showcasing the volume of tweets around the #Occupy protests around the world. Of course, Twitter commentary can come from many places so as you zoom in closer, you’ll notice that while the majority of tweets are coming from protest sites, many are also from supporters in the nearby areas.

Facebook Pages

The Huffington Post, using data from DailyKos, looks the state of activism on Facebook in response to the Occupy Wall Street protests. As of October 9th, over 450,000 Facebook users had joined Facebook pages related to the protests.

Social Media Map

While not quite as robust as some of the other maps, this one, created by geographic system software company, Esri shows geo-tagged YouTube videos, Flickr photos and tweets around the protests.

However you feel about the protests, their impact on global media has been undeniable. Only time will tell if all this action, in the streets and online, translates into real policy change.

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