API Hackday ATX Coming Soon

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Can you believe it’s just 17 days until API Hackday ATX?  We’re busily pulling together all the details of this event with our amazing co-sponsors and would love to see a whole big slew of Austin developers come out to build amazing apps on the fly.

There are a limited number of spots due to space limitations, so sign up today (it’s free!) via Eventbrite. All you have to do is let us know your name, email address and whether you’re a bit shifter (developer) or pixel master (designer). (Note: you can select both “bit shifter” and “pixel master” if you consider yourself both. We’ll only count your registration as being for one person!)

 API Hackday ATX Coming Soon
You can tweet about this event using hashtag: #apihackday.

This event is brought to you by Infochimps, Twilio, SendGrid, Cloudera, Mashery, Hoovers, and Conjunctured.

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