Back to School Data Pop Quiz

With a record setting heat wave still raging through the United States, it’s hard to believe that it’s nearly back to school season.  Many students will be returning to classrooms as early as Monday of next week and we’ve rounded up some of our most interesting education-related data sets.  In the spirit of our fine institutions of learning, we’ve decided to have a little two question pop quiz!

Be the first person to leave correct answers to the following questions in comments and we’ll send you a sweet Infochimps belt buckle.  Yee-haw!

book monkey web Back to School Data Pop Quiz Enrollment in Public and Private Schools: 1960 to 2005
Between which years did total enrollment in public and private schools remain flat? (Hint: there may be more than one instance of this.)

Most Dangerous Colleges 2010 – The Daily Beast Ranking
Which school ranks #1 in most instances of arson? (Bonus points if you can come up with a reasonable reason why)

And this one isn’t on the test, but a good data set to check out anyway…

US Colleges and Universities

Want to build a university finder app?  It would probably help to have a database of all US college and universities, as of 2010 (9,350 total).

We’ve got over 15,100 more where that came from.  Visit our site today and search for the data you want.  Can’t find what you need? Let us know on UserVoice!

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