Gigantopithecus & Other Huge (Data) Apes

Gigantopithecus.7834526 std Gigantopithecus & Other Huge (Data) ApesMeet Gigantopithecus.

… or at least a life-like, artist rendering of the now 100,000 year extinct* giant ape. Based on the few fossils that have been unearthed, our best guess is that Gigantopithecus stood at about 10 feet tall and weighed in at 1200 lbs.  Fossils come few and far between and much about this creature remains unknown due to lack of complete data.

What does this have to do with huge data sets?

Once upon a time, huge data sets were hard to find and even harder to download, cleanup and analyze.  Mythical beasts, such as historical records of Twitter users & conversations or the mapping of the Human Genome, proved difficult to locate, let alone interact with in the wild.

We receive tons of emails from folks looking for large data sets.  Whether they’re looking to test a new algorithm or storage solution or simply want to try some new tools, requests for 100+ MB data sets are common and we’ve pulled together a list of our biggest and best.

Check out our huge data sets, including one that’s 150 TB!

* Yes, this means that we likely cohabited the Earth with these guys… and still may according to some cryptozoologists. 

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