A Beer App for OSCON Data 2011

oscon A Beer App for OSCON Data 2011After two days in Portland, enjoying the cool crisp summer and the fine selection of microbrews, Dhruv and I decided to quit our jobs at Infochimps and become online beer retailers.  Dhruv has assumed the title of CTO (Chief Tasting Officer) and I’ve declared myself the CDO (Chief Deliciousness Officer).

Just kidding.  At least about the quitting our jobs part.  I’m going to keep my CDO title.

For our OSCON Data 2011 workshop, we built a mock e-commerce site, focused on selling craft beers from around the US.  This beer app showcases the ease of using our data APIs to add new functionality to a simple site.  We encourage you to play around with Lancelot Link’s Beer Emporium; it’s built using Ruby on Rails application and you can find the complete source code on GitHub.

barackobama A Beer App for OSCON Data 2011

You can find a list of all five of the APIs used in this application at Infochimps.  If you don’t already have your own Infochimps API key you can sign up for an account and get one.

You can simulate a visit from a particular IP address by passing the ip parameter in the URL. You can simulate a visit from a particular Twitter user by passing the twitter parameter in the URL.


Play around with this app for yourself and see how powerfully simple using our APIs can be!

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