Chimps in Chicago Recap

monkey holding baseball bat 150x150 Chimps in Chicago RecapHappy Friday, everyone! Turns out that while Chimps in Chicago developer contest did garner some interesting entries, none of our entrants were from Chicago.  And in an unfortunate coincidence, our CEO, Nick Ducoff who was going to treat the winner to the Cubs vs. Astros game and all the beer and peanuts they could handle, had his flight get cancelled last minute this morning.

Since Nick won’t be able to make the game, we’re posting a real live link to the actual tickets here.  If you’re in Chicago and reading this message and want to go to the game, print these babies out and be the first at the ballpark today! :)

Everyone who entered will still be receiving a care package of chimpy swag to enjoy wherever they may be geographically.  We have plans abrewin’ for a hackday here in Austin in early September tied to ATX Startup Week, so stay tuned about that.

In the meanwhile, if you have ideas for how we can make our next online hackathon even better – we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.

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