New Data: Nerd Out with WoW, M:TG and More

monkey nerd with glasses 300x277 New Data: Nerd Out with WoW, M:TG and MoreLast week, we showcased data sets and APIs that could help you navigate the joys and perils of monkey love.  This week, we’re nerding it up!  From WoW census data to lists of M:TG cards and Legos to tons of baseball stats, we’ve got your nerd-out needs covered.

World of Warcraft Census Data
Which server has the most players?  Which server has the most Level 60 characters?  How many orcs are on Tichondrius?  These and other burning WoW questions can be answered by this running census of the number of characters per server, per level, and per race, playing World of Warcraft.  Census data provided by

Magic: The Gathering Card Lists
With over 12,000 unique cards, Magic: The Gathering is an amazing rich, complex game that can be played again and again with renewed excitement.  (Author’s Note: Yes, sometimes I stay up til the wee hours of the morning playing Magic with friends.  Don’t judge.)  Enjoy this nerdy bounty of lists and spoilers of every M:TG card produced from Alpha – 2009.

Master List of Lego Parts
You’ve spend months building your Lego replica of the cast of Harry Potter and are missing that one piece to finish the detailing in Harry’s lighting bolt scar… what to do?  Does that piece even exist?  Check out this list of part numbers and descriptions of Lego parts to help you attain your OCD dreams.

Pennant Baseball History (coming soon)
Batter up! The practice of keeping stats of player achievements was started in the 19th century by Henry Chadwick.  Today, sports fans and data nerds alike clamor to this extraordinarily documented game.  Our Pennant Baseball History API isn’t quite up yet, but when it is, you can enter an MLB team name and in return get its team_id and a list of the years played, between 1960-2010. We’ve got more great baseball APIs coming soon as well that can return team statistics, records, game_ids and full at bat data!

We’ve got over 14,700 more where that came from.  Visit our site today and search for the data you want.  Can’t find what you need? Let us know on UserVoice!

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