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visualdotly logo black 01 300x76 Infographics for is a new platform that showcases the diversity and beauty of visualizations, connecting creators with audiences and publishers with content. was started by the team behind‘s popular infographics. The founding team, Stew Langille, Lee Sherman, Tal Siach and Adam Breckler have already created “the largest collection of infographics on the web,” according to Langille.  With over 2000 infographics from the likes of GOOD, National Geographic, and Mashable, the site is a veritable treasure trove of beautiful and useful visualations.

visually 300x267 Infographics for Everyone

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Sweet infographic of Infochimp’s CTO, Flip Kromer and CSO, Dhruv Bansal, eh?  Just something I whipped up in just a few seconds thanks to  With the Twitterize Yourself Project, you can gain insight into and compare the behavior of any two users on Twitter.  This project uses three of Infochimps’ Twitter APIs (Wordbag, Influence Metrics and StrongLinks) mashed together with the Twitter API to put out this cleverly cute infographic.

How was the experience of putting together 3 Infochimps APIs with the Twitter API?  Breckler of the founding team said, “We really liked the ease of use as well as the straight forward documentation and sample code”.

Curious to try your first API call with us?  Check out this simple tutorial.  We’ve also got some examples to help you get chimpy with your code rather than having to monkey around with the data.  We can’t wait to feature your sweet projects here!

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