New Data: Dinner, Drinks & The Breakup

34511 New Data: Dinner, Drinks & The BreakupSo, you think you’ve met the perfect chimp companion?  It takes more than just a shiny coat to attract the ladies and gentleman of your species… you’ve got to know how to cook… make tasty drinks.  But what if all your best laid plans fail? Then you’ve got to end it… but how?  We’ve got all the APIs and datasets to help you navigate the sticky world of monkey love.

Cook the Perfect Dinner
They say the fastest way to one’s heart is through their stomach.  You, my chimpy friend, can take advantage of this old adage with the Punchfork API, which will let you easily integrate recipes into your website or app by providing direct access to recipe data from all sorts of publishers – from bloggers to top recipe sites.  With their API, you can get top rated recipes to help you prepare that perfect simian supper to woo your potential mating partner.

Make Good Mixed Drinks
Have no clue what to do with triple sec, amaretto and bitters?  Some smart chimps scraped the data from a site with over 9000 different popular drink combinations and ran taste trials with their peers to determine which drinks tasted good together, and which ones were not compatible.  Now you can pretend to be Tom Cruise from that scene in Cocktail (trick bartending skills not included).

Relationship Breakup Mechanisms
Has your date turned out to be a dud despite your best efforts?  Well, we’ve got a list of ways break up with your not-so-significant-anymore other that can serve as a great starting point for ending things.

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