Introducing… The App Gallery

Did you stumble on our site and say to yourself “Okay, so you have all this data, but what can I do with it?”  Whether you’re a data nerd developer looking to see what others have built on our datasets and APIs or just a curious chimp looking for how to make sense of it – we’ve got the right place for you.

Introducing… The App Gallery.

appgallery Introducing... The App Gallery

Our App Gallery, powered by appstores highlights applications and visualizations built on our datasets and APIs.  Here are some notable ones in the bunch:

Boxers or briefs? Austin or Dallas? Lover or fighter? Which is more popular? Find out with TweepleFight, Twitter judging at its finest! Developed in house by Infochimps CTO, Flip Kromer, this app uses our Twitter People Search API to determine relative frequencies of words or phrases in Twitter profiles.

This Spanish app predicts how someone will vote in elections based on words in their Twitter profile. (And yes, the site is in Spanish)

Tired of trying to find the signal in the noise?  Summify’s solution creates a periodic summary of the most relevant news stories, from all of your social networks, and delivers it by email and on the web.

This is a fun tool for dynamically browsing AOL search history. It sometimes reveals unexpected wisdom about human nature.
Built by Team #1 at data in sight visualization hackaton, they won the “People’s Choice” award. [Note: the questions are not censored!]

We’d love to see what you’re building on our data.  Submit your app or visualization to us today.  Or, you can send us a note to our helper monkeys at with any questions.

Can’t find a dataset or API that you really really really want?  Let us know on UserVoice and get your chimpy buddies to chime in so we hear you loud and clear!

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