New Data Sets: Alcohol, Free WiFi & How Long You’ve Got Left to Live

phonemonkey New Data Sets: Alcohol, Free WiFi & How Long You’ve Got Left to LiveOur chimps have been busily scouring the data jungle and thanks to users like AggData and vanceinteriors, we got over 1000 delicious new datasets in just the last two weeks!  Today, we’ll highlight a few of our favorites and answer some of your most burning questions.

How Long Do I Have Left to Live?
How long have I got, Doc? In an interesting measure from the US Census, here’s a free dataset gives the average number of years an individual in the US has left to live, given their age, sex and race.

Where Can I Get Free WiFi?
Ever find yourself in a new city wondering where you can get free WiFi?  This dataset contains over 63,000 locations throughout the entire US with the latitude/longitude and business name.

What Bar in Austin Sells the Most Mixed Booze?
Curious what the hottest bars in town are (based on mixed drinks sales)?  The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has got your answer!  This free dataset contains the trade name, address and reported tax on mixed drink sales for bars throughout Texas.  

Be the first to answer this question in our comments and we’ll send you a package of sweet Chimpy stuff (stainless steel water bottle, stickers and Startup: The Hackering!): What bar in Austin had the highest reported mix drink sales in May 2011?

We’ve got over 14,700 more where that came from.  Visit our site today and search for the data you want.  Can’t find what you need?  Let us know on UserVoice!