UFOLibs: The Truth is Out There

Have you ever found yourself looking to the sky and suddenly saw something… unfathomable?  Did it make you wonder if you were really alone… in the universe?  Well look no further – Dick Hall, Business Development Manager here at Infochimps has an app for that!

ufolibs UFOLibs: The Truth is Out There

Built over a 3 Day Startup weekend, UFOLibs uses web framework, Sinatra and Infochimps API for 60,000+ Documented UFO Sightings.  The resulting app allows you to enter your other worldly experience, Mad-Libs style, to compare against the recorded experiences of thousands of others.  Not only is the end result produce a delightful diversion, but it showcases that with our API and Sinatra, “even our Biz Dev guy can make a web application”. (Dick’s words!)

Try out the app for yourself or see the code on GitHub.  And remember… the truth is out there.