New Data Sets: Colleges, Hospitals, The Marvel Universe and Social Data

cheekymonkey 191x300 New Data Sets: Colleges, Hospitals, The Marvel Universe and Social DataLook what we found!  No, it’s not just a picture of a baby monkey, though we did think it was apropos for our new weekly feature highlighting some of the best new data sets to join our ever growing data marketplace.  Today, we bring you a mix of geo-data and social data, including a social graph constructed by three researchers the Balearic Islands, of the Marvel Universe, which surprisingly is not unlike a real-life social network!

US Colleges and Universities
This is a database of all US college and universities, as of 2010. There are 9350 total colleges and universities listed with name, address, phone number and URL.

US Hospitals
This data set contains 49 fields on 4287 hospitals in the United States. While not all datapoints are available for every hospital, this robust data set contains info such as: location and contact information, heart attack mortality rate, gross patient revenue, number of staffed beds, approximate average patient length of stay and patient satisfaction along several metrics.

2000+ Flickr Images, 10,000+ YouTube Videos and 10,000+ Digg Users
These data sets, courtesy of Munmun De Choudhury, showcase large scrapes of social data that has been used by the post-doctoral fellow to perform image content analysis, examine dynamics of threaded comments in rich media sharing, study information diffusion and community evolution centered around the topics.

Marvel Universe Social Graph
This fun Marvel Comics character collaboration graph showcases the artificial world that takes place in the universe of the Marvel comic books as an example of a social collaboration network. They compare the characteristics of this universe to real-world collaboration networks, such as the Hollywood network, or the one created by scientists who work together in producing research papers and find that the Marvel Universe is surprisingly closer to a real social graph than one might expect.

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