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Browser usage by the somewhat normal web

When one is scoping out a web project, one of the first requirements that a designer/web programmer will want to know is “what browsers are we supporting?”. The decision is usually led by a quick googling to find a page like the W3C’s which quickly tells you:

2010 IE8 IE7 IE6 Firefox Chrome Safari Opera
July 15.6% 7.6% 7.2% 46.4% 16.7% 3.4% 2.3%

Over 30.8% of the browser world belongs to IE (much better than the way things were just a few years ago). Almost 15% of your users are using such an old version of IE that you may be tempted to code using IE6 or 7 as your least common denominator.

Browser usage by Infochimps users

Consider who is visiting your site though. Are your users more net savvy? Are they geeks? Here’s what our visitors use: usage 2010 08 11 Real geeks dont use IE   Infochimps Browser Usage Analytics

About 10% of users use IE, almost a third of the norm.
Half of our IE users use IE8 (a much more capable version of IE) leaving a meager 5% in the IE6/7 realm, which is split half and half (2.5% total IE6 users – again, almost a third of the normal).

Conclusion: Real nerds don’t use Internet Explorer

As far as design philosophy goes, we strive to design our sites (, in a progressive enhancement fashion so that all browsers can be supported well (enough) and accessibility is simple and works. IE6 isn’t number one on our list of things to deal with.

When you have limited resources (like a startup), consider who is actually using your site before spending resources on that group.


  1. extaseo October 23, 2010 at 10:20 am

    most people us IE because they don’t even know that better browsers exist and some of these people don’t even know about other Oerating systems !Common people think that a pc can’t work without Windows !!

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