Infochimps is ecstatic to promote the following proposed 2011 SXSW Interactive panels. We’ve categorized them loosely according to topic. To the data geeks of the world: go forth and vote!

Seeing Data

Beautiful Data: Interactive Visualization of Social Media

What are the different methods in which data can be displayed and what tools are used to create them? What are the benfits and practical uses of presenting data visually? Finally, what are the most exicting and innovative specimens of data visualization erected around social data?

Social Media Data Visualization: Mapping the World’s Conversations

All about Infographics. How are Infographics constructed and what information can they convey beyond that of raw data?

Exploring Data

Data Overload: Probabilistic Computing For Breakthrough Data Analytics

What is probabilistic computing and how does it differ from more common types of programming? How does probabilistic computing fit into other data analysis tools?

Making Sense of Social Media Data

Explains the ins-and-outs of social media monitoring tools, the techniques that work and realistic expectations of what they can deliver.

Managing Data

Big Data for Everyone (No Data Scientists Required)

What makes Big Data so darn big? Topics of discussion range from (the necessity of) non-traditional solutions to handling Big Data, how those solutions fit into existing architecture, and common pitfalls encountered.

A Showdown at the Database Corral

Oh yes, there are a new sheriffs in town. They answer to Casandra, Drivel, and Drupal. Panelists will talk about case scenarios for each, their relation to traditional, distributed, and non-relational databases, in addition to other topics of interest for folks with their head in the clouds.

Data Nerds, Is Big Data Crushing the Web?

How does a business discern differences between Hadoop, bulk raw data and web crawlers as big data solutions? How does the average non-programmer tap into big data’s value? What sorts of tools are available to access big data, and what are their differences? What problems with our current business systems can be fixed to more manageable handle big data? Is it feasible to make big data repositories open source?

Humanizing Data

What the F*** is the Semantic Web

Good question! In this panel geared for everyone with a soupçon of curiosity and a brain, the Semantic Web is defined and discussed. How do web developers become part of it and how what are the business opportunities?

Open Data & What It Means For You

Does the mere thought of open data cause you to quiver in excitement? You’re not alone. More on the open data movement than you could shake a stick at!

Paying with Data: how free services aren’t free

How is your Facebook information being used and how could it be used in the future? How concerned should we all be? Panelists will also discuss current policy on privacy issues online.

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