Hadoop World 2010 & New Propaganda

Yay! Infochimps is going to Hadoop World 2010. Watch out New York! I (flip) am giving a talk titled “Millionfold Mashups” — I’ll talk about how we store, process and analyze massively numerous datasets and datasets of massive size.

We’re going to order propaganda stickers to give out, and we want to get your feedback on which to print.

Favorites? Terrible puns of your own to add? Want us to send you a set? Let us know in the comments!

  • Live Fast and Leave a Beautiful Corpus at Infochimps.org
  • Where Hot Singles come to Dataset
  • Upload Yours.
  • Hadoop-de-doo for you
  • Dammit, No, the Other NLP
  • I’m Consistently Available. Want to see my Partition?
  • Intoxication by Miners is OK at infochimps.org
  • Fit your Curves at infochimps.org
  • Head in the Clouds?
  • Expose your Bits at infochimps.org
  • Support Vector Machines!
  • Free Variables
  • Everyone at our Datacenter has a Nice Rack
  • Bayesians Against Discrimination
  • Map Reduce, Map Reuse, Map Recycle
  • PAXOS in our time
  • Pro Axiom of Choice
  • Big Chimpin’
  • We have the most Cunning Linguists
  • P = NP
  • P != NP

Several of the slogans shamelessly stolen from this protest by CMU Machine Learning researchers, which I love so much it hurts.