Introducing the Infochimps Query API

Infochimps is pleased to announce the release of our Query API in public beta today. As part of our ongoing effort to democratize access to structured data, the Infochimps Query API offers several calls that allow you to analyze a prodigious amount of Twitter data dating back to 2006. Our current operational calls include the following:


Trstrank uses an algorithm similar to Google Page Rank to generate a numerical rank that indicates the amount of influence a particular user has. This is a much more robust way to determine a Twiter user’s influence than by their number of followers alone.


Wordbag enables you to discover what a specific Twitter user finds interesting. After entering the handle of a specific Twitter user, Wordbag generates a list of words unique to that Twitter user.

Influencer Metrics

Influencer Metrics measures the number retweets, mentions, and @replies that a specific Twitter user has. Retweets and mentions can indicate the value the Twitter community gives to the tweets of a specific user. Coupling Trstrank with Influencer Metrics provides a particularly powerful way to gauge the influence of a Twitter user.

The potential applications of our API are limited only by the imagination. We hope market researchers, brazen self-promoters, statisticians, sociologists, cultural anthropologists, linguists, and all the curious Georges out there will find it as compelling as we do.

Looking to the future, our development team will be constantly polishing and updating the API. Follow @infochimps on Twitter for announcements. We received many requests on our private beta for more frequent refreshments of our data and fuller coverage.  Our next update will do just that. We have additional API calls percolating, including one that will allow you to discover close-knit interactions between Twitter users and see the level of interaction between them.

For features and pricing, including our totally free package, the Baboon, click here.

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