Data Cluster Meetup

Austin, TX may be the live music capital of the world, but next weekend Rackspace, together with Infochimps, WolframAlpha, Factual, and knowmore, are putting together an event that will prove it’s not just about the music.

Data geeks from all over the nation will come together to discuss the latest developments in the world of data during birds-of-a-feather sessions, talks and pure and simple mingling (not to mention munching on free food) at the Data Cluster Meetup (Sunday, March 14, 6pm at Opal Divine’s Freehouse).

Not excited yet? Read on…

Non-relational Database Smackdown
Stu Hood of the Cassandra project will lead a discussion that will debate the merits of various non-relational databases. Any CouchDB or MongoDB users out there? RSVP and get in touch to be involved in the panel.

There will be five birds-of-a-feather sessions going on concurrently. Each discussion topic chosen so that you’ll be able to find one that you are most interested in:

1. Operations (managing data) – Stu Hood of Rackspace and the Apache Cassandra project will lead a discussion on non relational databases
2. Analytics (exploring data) – [No moderators locked in, interested? Email]
3. Web Applications (humanizing data) – [No moderators locked in, interested? Email]
4. Visualization (seeing data) – [No moderators locked in, interested? Email]
5. Data Commons (freeing data) – Infochimps’s own Flip Kromer, together with Factual’s Gil Elbaz will lead a discussion on building a cross-domain data commons.

The best part of this event is the people. You’ll have time to talk, eat, and network with some of the greatest minds in the data world and exchange cutting edge ideas.

If you’re a really smart data geek, you can’t miss out on this chance to immerse yourself in the world you love. RSVP now at Afterwards, check out our Facebook event page for more information on who’s coming and the latest updates.

None of this would be possible without our sponsors, Rackspace, Infochimps, WolframAlpha, Factual and knowmore. To all of them, thank you!

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