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2009 was a great year for us.  We made lots of progress on the website (with a long way to go), but we were especially excited for all the great contacts we made with other developers and companies interested in data.  We strongly encourage all of our followers (you!) to get in touch with us to talk about your expertise and data needs.

We will create a page on the site soon which lists our network of data mechanics, data tools, and solution providers.  One of the issues with our site is that many of the datasets can’t be used by everybody – some are too large for Excel and average tools, and others require specialized skills in order to use.  Our TAKS and Twitter datasets are just some examples of datasets that can be really powerful for a lot of businesses only after an expert has had the chance to analyze them.

Here are a few of the great companies who have worked with us so far:

QVApps: QVApps is a marketplace for QlikView applications.  QlikView is a business intelligence software that supports third party applications.  Having trouble understanding your AWS reports?  QVApps has a free AWS report analyzer that we’ve found useful.

UPDATE: Check out QVApps’ slideshow on some of the data from our Twitter Census! See below for the imbedded slideshow.

Data Applied: Data Applied’s application is truly magic.  Their software is putting the power of machine learning into the world’s hands.  Techniques and algorithms that people wrote Phd. thesis’s on 20 years ago are here at the click of a mouse.  Try them out with a free account. A startup based in India, is doing a wonderful job working to educate the masses on data mining tools and resources.  Find tutorials on clustering analysis, R, Matlab – you name it.  Check out videos on Data Applied and your very own Infochimps!

If you are a Data Mechanic, another data company, or just interested in being listed as a solutions provider, please get in touch with me at  Likewise, if you’re a Ruby/Rails developer, we’re hiring!


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  2. Dataminingtools January 28, 2010 at 7:48 am

    InfoChimps today stands as a haven for data and data sets, we are looking forward to see you grow more in the years to come. We would definitely empower your users with our videos and tutorials for better experiences at InfoChimps.

    Dataminingtools Team.

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