Twitter data, open questions to Developers, Academics, and Data Geeks

We are excited to announce the re-release of the Twitter datasets, and a discount to the Twitter API Map dataset.  Again, the datasets are:


Conversation Metrics, with Token Count of:

This time the data is being released with Twitter’s approval.  We are talking with them about how we can increase access to more and more bulk data, and need your help in showing them how useful this data really is.

We want to make clear to people with privacy concerns that we absolutely hear and respect your points, and so does Twitter.  These datasets contain NO personally identifiable information, they do NOT contain whole tweets, and they meet the guidelines laid out in this EFF document (on personally id’able info).

We encourage everybody to take advantage of this weekend’s discount and go build great things with this data.  Let’s show Twitter and the world what is possible when one has access to bulk data:

  • Data geeks and Visualization studs: what would you do if you could run jobs across our massive crawl (or the full Twitter graph)?
  • App devs: what data do you want those nerds to extract?  How would it improve the experience of Twitter or enable new things?
  • Businesses: how can this data improve your services?  How can this data make you money?
  • Academic researchers: what amazing things will you uncover by exploring the social network’s deep structure?

Reach out to us in the comments or send us ideas at

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