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ZDNet Article Asks The Same Question: Why Wouldn’t You?

Toby Wolpe, senior reporter at ZDNet, recently wrote an article entitled “Big data: Why most businesses just don’t get it” highlighting findings from Gartner vice president and analyst Debra Logan.

Her  quote caught our eye about how acquiring big-data services from a third party could make sense:

  • “If it is cheap, if big data turns out to be something you can get from someone else, you can rent the infrastructure, you can ship a bunch of your data and you can just see what happens, then why not? Why wouldn’t you do that?”

Chimpmark ZDNet Article Asks The Same Question: Why Wouldnt You? Why wouldn’t you do that? Why wouldn’t you want to benefit from the fastest way to develop and deploy Big Data environments with Infochimps?

Wolpe also states, “one of the main barriers to asking the right questions of big data is a lack of expertise and a shortage of data scientists”. The Infochimps team is made of data scientists and cloud computing experts, available to help you effectively leverage Big Data, resulting in better data-driven decisions.

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At Strata: Talk Big Data with Infochimps

Strata At Strata: Talk Big Data with InfochimpsAre you going to O’Reilly’s Strata Conference next week from February 26th – 28th at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California?

Here at Infochimps, we’ve been planning for the big event, excited to see it all come together next week, and eager to talk Big Data.

As a proponent of empowering businesses through Big Data and bringing together thought-leaders from around the globe, Infochimps will be exhibiting at Strata along with a session given by Co-Founder and CTO Flip Kromer:

Title: “How Hadoop in the Cloud Affects Developer-Friendly Decision Making
Date: Thursday, February 28, 2013
Time: 10:40a Pacific/12:40p Central/1:40p Eastern
Track: Hadoop in Practice
Location: Ballroom CD
Why: In this talk, Flip Kromer will walk you through a series of decision trees outlining why Hadoop in the cloud can be a powerful combination, helping to make clusters cheaper and developers happier.

Stop by the Innovators Pavilion, Booth P5, to chat about Big Data, set up a 1-1 meeting with one of our Big Data experts, or to just pick-up a free hip t-shirt. See you there!

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Customized, Intelligent, Vertical Applications – The Future of Big Data?

Future of Big Data Customized, Intelligent, Vertical Applications   The Future of Big Data?

The Ideal Big Data Application Development Environment

Lets assume that your entire organization had access to the following building blocks:

  • Data: All sources of data from the enterprise (at rest and in motion)
  • Analytics: Any/All Queries, Algorithms, Machine Learning Models
  • Application Business Logic: Domain specific use-cases / business problems
  • Actionable Insights: Knowledge of how to apply analytics against data through the use of application business logic to produce a positive impact to the business
  • Infrastructure Configuration: High scalable, distributed, enterprise-class infrastructure capable of combining data, analytics, with app logic to produce actionable insights

Imagine if your entire organization was empowered to produce data-driven applications tailored specifically for your vertical use-cases?

Data-Driven Vertical Apps

banking Customized, Intelligent, Vertical Applications   The Future of Big Data?

You are a regional bank who is under heavier regulation, focused on risk management, and expanding your mobile offerings. You are seeking ways to get ahead of your competition through the use of Big Data by optimizing financial decisions and yields.

What if there was an easy and automated way to define new data sources, create new algorithms, apply these to gain better insight into your risk position, and ultimately operationalize all this by improving your ability to reject and accept loans?

Retailer Customized, Intelligent, Vertical Applications   The Future of Big Data?

You are a retailer who is being affected by the economic downturn, demographic shifts, and new competition from online sources. You are seeking ways of leveraging the fact that your customers are empowered by mobile and social by transforming the shopping experience through the use of Big Data.

What if there was an easy and automated way to capture all customer touch points, create new segmentation and customer experience analytics, apply these to create a customized cross-channel solution which integrates online shopping with social media, personalized promotions, and relevant content?

Telecommunications Customized, Intelligent, Vertical Applications   The Future of Big Data?

You are a fixed line operator, wireless network provider, or fixed broadband provider who is in the middle of convergence of both services and networks, and feeling price pressures of existing services. You are seeking ways to leverage cloud and Big Data to create smarter networks (autonomous and self-analyzing), smarter operations (improving working efficiency and capacity of day-to-day operations), and ways to leverage subscriber demographic data to create new data products and services to partners.

What if there was an easy and automated way to start by consuming additional data across the organization, deploy segmentation analytics to better target customers and increase ARPU?

It Starts With The “Infrastructure Recipe”

Application Dev Team Customized, Intelligent, Vertical Applications   The Future of Big Data?OK. You are a member of the application development team. All you have to do is create a data-driven application “deploy package.” It’s your recipe of all the data sources, analytics, and application logic needed to insert into this magical cloud service that produces your industry and use-case specific application. You don’t need to be an analytics expert. You don’t need to be a DBA, an ETL expert or even a Big Data technologist. All you need is a clear understanding of your business problem, and you can assemble the parts through a simple-to-use “recipe” which is abstracted from the details of the infrastructure used to execute on that recipe.

Any Data Source

Data Source Customized, Intelligent, Vertical Applications   The Future of Big Data?Imagine an environment where your enterprise data is at your fingertips – no heavy ETL tools, no database exports, no Hadoop flume or sqoop jobs. Access to data is as simple as defining “nouns” in a sentence. Where your data lives is not a worry. You are equipped with the magic ability to simply define what the data source is and where it lives and accessing it is automated. You also care less whether the data is some large historic volume living in a relational database or whether it is real-time streaming event data.

Analytics Made Easy

Analytics Customized, Intelligent, Vertical Applications   The Future of Big Data?Imagine a world where you can pick from literally thousands of algorithms and apply them to any of the above data sources in part or in combination. You create one algorithm and can apply it to years of historic data and/or a stream of live real-time data. Also, imagine a world where configuring your data in a format that your algorithms can consume is made seamless. Lastly, your algorithms execute on infrastructure in a parallel, distributed, highly scalable way. Getting excited yet?

Focus on Applications With Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights Customized, Intelligent, Vertical Applications   The Future of Big Data?

Now lets embody this combination of analytics and data in a way that can actually be consumed and acted upon. Imagine a world where you can produce your insights and report on them with your BI tool of choice. That’s kind of exciting.

But what’s even more exciting is the ability to deploy your insights operationally through an application that leverages your domain expertise and understanding of the business logic associated with the targeted use-case you are solving. Translation – you can code up a Java, Python, PHP, or Ruby application that is light, simple, and easy to build/maintain. Why? Because the underlying logic normally embedded in ETL tools, separate analytics software tools, MapReduce code, NoSQL queries and stream processing logic is pushed up into the hands of application developers. Drooling yet?  Wait, it gets better.

Big Data, Cloud and The Enterprise

Big Data Cloud Customized, Intelligent, Vertical Applications   The Future of Big Data?

Lets take this entire application paradigm and automate it within an elastic cloud service purpose-built for the organization. You have the ability to submit your application “deploy packages” to be instantly processed without having to understand the compute infrastructure and, better yet, without having to understand the underlying data analytic services required to process your various data sources in real-time, near real-time or in batch modes.

Ok…if we had such an environment, we’d all be producing a ton of next-generation applications…data-driven, highly intelligent and specific to our industry and use-cases.

I’m ready…are you?

Jim Kaskade serves as CEO of Austin-based Infochimps, the leading Big Data Platform-as-a-Service provider. Jim is a visionary leader within both large as well as small company environments with over 25 years of experience building hi-tech businesses, leading startups in cloud computing enterprise software, software as a service (SaaS), online and mobile digital media, online and mobile advertising, and semiconductors from their founding to acquisition.

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[Webinar] Essentials of Big Data Architecture

chimpmark [Webinar] Essentials of Big Data Architecture thinkbig [Webinar] Essentials of Big Data Architecture Essentials of Big Data Architecture (with Think Big Analytics) Thurs, Feb 21 @ 11a P, 1p C, 2p E

Join us to discuss the essentials of a Big Data architecture and how technologies are being used to influence different decisions. Scott Fleming, Engineering Practice Manager of Think Big Analytics and Tim Gasper, Product Manager of Infochimps will share essentials they’ve seen in their experience of standing multiple Big Data projects. We will also discuss the skills and processes required to make a successful implementation work.

This webinar will also discuss:

  • What kinds of technologies make up today’s “Big Data” architecture
  • What role do the components play in the analytics data pipeline
  • How to decide which technology right for your use case
  • Skills and people requirements
  • Data governance

The webinar will be recorded, and emailed after the event to all who register.

Register Today>>

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Fact or Fiction: Big Data and Marketing Myth Busters

  • Amanda McGuckin Hager

Big Data and Marketing Myth Busters Fact or Fiction: Big Data and Marketing Myth Busters

As the uses of Big Data continue to evolve with the creation of platforms and dashboards that promise in-the-moment marketing feedback, much skepticism arises as to whether or not they can deliver on their promise: real-time decision making analytics that are actionable and accessible without a team of data-scientists.

Though advancements are being made every day and with an infinite future of refinement to come, there naturally exists some uncertainty around Big Data, and what it can actually offer marketers. Here are a few of the most common misconceptions fueling such apprehension:

Myth: Campaigns take weeks, if not months to execute.

Truth: Big Data makes real-time campaigns a reality.

As stated simply by GigaOm’s Ravi Mhatre, “Big Data is useless unless it’s also fast”. At a time when social and mobile walk hand-in-hand, marketing departments must be agile, and capable of acting at the drop of a hat (or tweet). The fact is that Big Data has entered an era where “real-time” is possible, and business dashboards power crucial decisions in-the-moment.

Myth: Marketers must still rely on “gut” decisions, which may or may not be reliable.

Truth: Big Data powers success through simple data-driven decisions.

Another common theme among skeptics is the notion that the only people equipped to understand Big Data insights are the data scientists that are siloed in departments and organizations far away from management and marketing. This is simply not the case.

Widely available tools allow marketers and other business experts to derive data-driven insight without having the technical expertise of a data scientist. Marketers can now perform sophisticated analytics to deliver truly actionable information about efficiencies (or lack thereof) within a business, as well as tangible insights about customers.

Myth: Much data is useless.

Truth: All data is powerful; Big Data makes it possible for a business to find unexpected stories and insights.

With traditional techniques, data storage is expensive, and therefore finite. Consequently, companies have had to pick and choose which data is important enough to keep, and have thrown away data which actually could have yielded valuable insight. With new Big Data technologies drastically reducing the storage and management price tag, companies now have the freedom to save and analyze everything – those who do will quickly begin to uncover gems.

As buzz builds around potential enterprise Big Data use-cases, so does hesitation and concern that this is just a fleeting trend; but this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

While we’ve finally reached the point where it is feasible for businesses to tap and start to understand the data that streams from their market, operations, and customers, there’s still much room for refinement. Although one can justifiably state that we’ve entered the era of Big Data, where campaigns can be executed quickly and insights can be pulled in real-time, we’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg in terms of the untapped potential of these technologies.

Amanda McGuckin Hager is a high-tech marketing professional with over 17 years of experience focused on driving demand through strategic marketing programs. She is the Director of Marketing at Infochimps. Follow Amanda on Twitter.

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Let’s Meet Up: 1 Summit, 6 Tracks

Big Data Innovation Lets Meet Up: 1 Summit, 6 TracksOur partners at *IE. would like to introduce you to the exclusive Big Data Innovation Summit in San Francisco on April 11 & 12, 2013.

Take a look at the agenda here >>

The Big Data Innovation Summit is the largest gathering of Fortune 500 business executives leading Big Data initiatives.

It will help your business understand & utilize data-driven strategies and discover what disciplines will change because of the advent of data. With a vast amount of data now available, modern businesses are faced with the challenge of storage, management, analysis, visualization, security and disruptive tools & technologies.

The Summit includes 6 tracks:

  • Big Data Innovation
  • Big Data in Healthcare
  • Big Data in Finance
  • Big Data in Government
  • Hadoop Innovation
  • Women in Big Data

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Principal Data Scientist, eHarmony
  • Senior Vice President, Strategy, Comcast
  • Data Science, Analytics, Facebook
  • Director, Global Customer Insights & Analytics, Walmart
  • Data Scientist, Groupon
  • Team Lead, Mobile Data Science, LinkedIn
  • Vice President, Advanced Analytics, Orbitz
  • WorldwideSenior Computer Engineer, General Electric
  • Principal Data Scientist, Director of Data Science, eBay
  • Data Engineer,
  • Director, Enterprise Warehousing, NBC Universal
  • Vice President, Strategy & Engagement,

& many more…

Register Today >>

If you want to meet up with us at the Big Data Innovation Summit and talk shop about your Big Data project objectives, design, infrastructure, tools, etc, let us know at info[at]infochimps[dot]com. If you’re interested in scheduling a demo, go to:

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