A Chimpy Movember

This November, the chimps participated in Movember, the moustache growing charity event held each November that raises awareness and funds for men’s health. There was an objective, rules, and winners – the makings of a friendly competition while building company culture for a worthy cause.

The Objective: To raise money for men’s health through growing facial hair, asking friends and family for donations, and by joining together with other chimps in camaraderie and some good-hearted revelry.

The Rules:
1. You do not have to begin the month with a clean shaven face.
2. You must maintain a moustache continuously from the 15th to end of month.
3. You must end the month with a moustache, but not necessarily the same moustache you started with.
4. A moustache is not a beard. For example: There is no joining of the moustache to the sideburns.
5. A moustache is not a goatee. There is no joining of the handlebars to the chin.
6. Other facial hair is permitted.
7. Category winners are determined on November 30 by consensus vote of the Mo Sistas.
8. Chimpiest Mo is determined on whatever criteria the Mo Sistas agree to on November 30.
9. Each Mo shall conduct themselves as true country gentlemen; each Mo Sista shall conduct themselves as true city ladies.

Category Winners:
The Chimpiest Mo – Travis Dempsey
– The Lamest Mo (for the follically challenged) – Joe Kelly
– The Most Styled Mo – Flip Kromer
(Moustache Memorabilia was awarded to the winners.)

Infochimps Movember1 A Chimpy Movember

(From Left to Right: Mo Sistas, Winning Mos, Miami Vice Mos)

Go Infochimps! We are proud to support Movember, raising awareness and funds for men’s health.

Just because it’s December, doesn’t mean you can’t support men’s health all year round. See the official Movember merchandise page for everything from posters to shoes, and like Movember USA on Facebook.

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