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Join Our Webinar on High-Speed Retail Analytics

bigstock Retail sale price tags for eve 24984029 Join Our Webinar on High Speed Retail AnalyticsRetail Price Tags image courtesy of BigStock

chimpmark Join Our Webinar on High Speed Retail AnalyticsRetailers that watch and update competitive prices at the product level know the ground to be gained by leveraging high-speed analytics: dramatically increased bottom lines. High-speed analytics requires consumption of huge amounts of data, and real-time data processing on a Big Data platform.

Learn how retailers are increasing their bottom lines with BlackLocus, the leading SaaS eCommerce competitive analytics company, and with Infochimps, the #1 Big Data platform-as-a-service.

On Thursday, August 23rd at 11am CT, Infochimps‘ Co-Founder, and Chief Science Officer Dhruv Bansal, and BlackLocus’ VP of Customer Development Amos Schwatzfarb, will present a quick demonstration on how a new approach to Big Data empowers retailers to leverage high-speed analytics to increase their bottom line.

Register today to attend this webinar

The Social Media & Web Analytics Summit

We are sponsoring and attending a number of upcoming IEG. Summits and Conferences this year.  We’ll be posting details about these conferences periodically and would love to see you there!

The IEG. Social Media & Web Analytics Innovation Summit, is being held at the Hyatt Regency Boston, September 13 & 14, 2012 is examining the relationship between Social Media and Analytics that has seen companies like Facebook and Linkedin see huge growth and huge IPO’s in the last 12 months.  The summit will bring together over 300 Social Media & Analytics experts to discuss the usage of social media analytics in business. With 80+ sessions covering important topics and key issues facing organisations today, this summit will offer key insights into this new business space.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Vice President, Digital Marketing & Analytics, Discovery
  • SVP, Digital Research, NBCUniversal
  • Senior Director, Personalization, CBS Interactive
  • Director, Product Management, Salesforce
  • Director, Channel Analytics, Merrill Lynch
  • Director, Global Social Media, Ancestry
  • Vice President, Web Analytics, Amazon
  • Director, Business Intelligence, KPMG
  • Head, Digital Marketing, Siemens
  • Director, Analytics, Yammer
  • And many more…

To attend this conference, contact Sean at or register online.

To stay up to date with the summit use the hashtag #SMWA to follow updates and key developments.

Homepage Redesign – Check It Out!

new homepage 072012 Homepage Redesign   Check It Out!


We gave the homepage of a little facelift this week to better showcase all the awesome things we are working on now.  After hearing feedback from many prospective and current customers, the revamp includes clearer articulation of the benefits and process of working with the Infochimps Platform, features our Platform tour, and spotlights our free demo.

Take a gander and let us know what you think!

The Big Data Playbook for Digital Agencies

iStock 000007316552XSmall The Big Data Playbook for Digital Agencies

Our CEO, Joseph Kelly recently wrote a guest post for Mashable about how and why digital agencies should pursue Big Data opportunities.

For digital agencies, big data as a competitive advantage is still very nascent, somewhat terrifying, and not tangible at all. However, marketers are starting to hear that it’s the new secret sauce, and they’re scrambling to figure out how to use it. And for good reason. Given the current trajectory, there’s a large chance that big data will change the face of digital agencies in as little as five years.

If you’re a marketer, part of a digital agency, or just curious about how Big Data can and will shape the future of understanding customers, check out this article.

 The Big Data Playbook for Digital Agencies

You Don’t Have to Be Sixteen…

Actually, you do have to turn sixteen within the year of competition in order to be eligible to compete for the Olympics; however, the general perception of all Olympians being teenagers largely comes from the popular sport of women’s gymnastics, which in the past three Olympic Games has had no competitors over the age of 26.  However, the mid-twenties are a prime age group for Olympic competition.  In fact, most medalists (and gold medalists) are in their twenties.

Check out this cool interactive chart from the Washington Post and see which Olympic sports you may be most competitive in at your age.

averageage You Dont Have to Be Sixteen...

And here’s some notable Olympians who have hit their peak later in life:

Dara Torres, who  at 41,  is the oldest swimmer to ever earn a place on the US Olympic team (2008 Summer Olympics).  She’s a mom of one, who at 40 beat her own American record for the 50-meter freestyle (she originally set the record when she was 15).

John Dane III, owner of Trinity Yachts, the country’s largest mega-yacht builder earned a spot on the 2008 US Olympic sailing team at age 58.  He had been trying out for the Olympics since he was 18 and achieved his dream after 40 years!

I’ll Be There in 20 Minutes

austin trulia commute car Ill Be There in 20 Minutes  austin trulia commute public Ill Be There in 20 Minutes

Happy 4th of July!  On this glorious holiday day, you may find yourself running between barbecues and gatherings around town and you may hear yourself utter a phrase I am frequently guilty of.

Almost no matter where I am going and how long it will realistically take me to get there, I will almost inevitably say “I’ll be there in 20 minutes.”  Thankfully, if you are like me, Trulia has come up with a Commute Map that may actually help us make more accurate predictions.

In the map of Austin to the upper left, you can see the “twenty minute range” around the Infochimps office, which is located just west of downtown Austin.  Thanks to nearby Mopac (aka Highway 1), travelling north and south are a breeze.  Unsurprisingly, the lack of east-west highways and other major roadways makes traversing the city in those directions more time consuming than north and south.

Contrast this with the public transportation to the right and the results are astounding.  Basically, this boils down to a thing that most Austinites are acutely aware of – public transportation here sucks.  Want to get somewhere in twenty minutes on a bus?  Hopefully you’re not trying to leave the neighborhood you’re already in ’cause it ain’t happening.

nyc trulia commute car Ill Be There in 20 Minutes     nyc trulia commute public Ill Be There in 20 Minutes

Contrast this with New York City, whose public transportation system affords transit riders with a range comparable (and arguably, more desirable) than the one available to the driver.  From Chinatown, one can drive to various neighborhoods of Brooklyn and even New Jersey in a short span of time, but by subway, you can reach the neighborhoods just south of Central Park on Manhattan or the artsy DUMBO neighborhood in Brooklyn easily in twenty minutes.

All ranting aside, Trulia has built a pretty amazing little tool here and all from data accessible to anyone: OpenStreetMaps and General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) feeds.  We encourage you to explore the power of publicly available data and its ability to generate amazing insights in the right context.


When Will You Die?

image21 When Will You Die?

This ingenious little chart was put together with publicly available information from the CDC and Census Bureau, showcasing the really cool insights you can find with easy-to-get data.  Interesting, your life expectancy changes as you get older and the gap between life expectancy between men and women narrows with age.

Thanks, Chart Porn.

 When Will You Die?